Marija is digital marketing, tech and business consultant who has worked across a range of projects in different industry sectors, including legal, media and advertising, IoT, wearable tech, fashion tech, IoT, VR and AR.

Marija’s digital marketing, social media and PR workshops are for small business owners and startups with an aim of improving brand awareness, equipping them with most important skills they need to run their own marketing and social media and / or getting more traffic and sales from their marketing efforts.

Her clients and collaborations include innovative tech businesses, SMEs, agencies, major corporations and nonprofit organisations. 

Workshops & Consultancy

Technology and Innovation

  • Wearable Tech

  • Fashion Tech

  • IoT

  • VR and AR

  • Digital Innovation

  • EdTech

  • Product development

Marketing and Business

  • Market research

  • Social media marketing

  • Content marketing

  • Email marketing

  • Branding

  • Events management

  • Press and media relations

  • Communications strategy

  • Business strategy

  • Product launch and expansion strategy

  • Diversity