As a public speaker and panelist Marija regularly appears on conferences, meetups and corporate events covering variety of topics including:

  • Startups
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Innovation
  • Bootstrapping and Fundraising
  • Diversity
  • Women in Tech and Women in Business
  • Wearable Tech 
  • Fashion Tech
  • IoT, VR and AR
  • Building hardware products
  • Digital marketing & PR

Upcoming events

MADE by Korlekie, London 15 September 2017, more info here! 
Creative Futures 2, London 18 September, more info here! 
Smart Summit, London 19-20 September 2017, more info here!
Beyond the Hype – Measuring success of VR in marketing, Technology for Marketing, London 27-29 September, more info here!
WeAreTheCity Women In Tech conference, London 30 November 2017, more info here!
The Telegraph DEN LIVE, London 11-12 December 2017, more info here!

Selected conferences and panels

Startup judge - unbound Digital & Female Founders Startup Challenge, July 2017, London (UK)
Panelist - Boost Your Business: NatWest Regional Conference, July 2017, London (UK)
Speaker - Women & IoT, IoT Scotland meetup, June 2017, Edinburgh (UK)
Moderator - Advocating Gender Diversity in VR and AR Industries, VR & AR World conference, June 2017, London (UK)
Panelist - Role Models: Women in Tech, NatWest Business, June 2017, London (UK)
Panelist - Women In Tech & Diversity, Tech For Britain conference, June 2017, London (UK)
Speaker - Practicalities and Pitfalls of Bootstrapping and Fundraising, DKLM TechLawHub, May 2017, London (UK)
Moderator - Promoting diversity in AR / VR / MR, VR World conference, May 2017, London (UK)
Panelist - Creating The Next Wave: Women Leading Interactive Technology, Wonder Women Tech, April 2017, London (UK) 
Speaker - Taking a hardware product from early prototype to at-scale manufacturing, Source Institute and The Leaders In Innovation Fellowship, Royal Academy Of Engineering, March 2017, London (UK) 
Panelist - #BeBoldForChange - Women in Business panel, organised by NatWest, March 2017, London (UK)
Panelist - Future of Wearables, will they be less wearable? panel, Wearable Technology Show, March 2017, London (UK)
Speaker - Cisco Pathway to Your Future Work Experience Program, Cisco, February 2017, London (UK)
Panelist - Women In Tech Entrepreneurs & Founders, online panel, BrightTALK, January 2017, London (UK)
Panelist - How She Did It - Designing the next generation of Wearables, Blooming Founders, October 2016, London (UK)
Speaker - Female Founders and Entrepreneurs panel, The Office Group, October 2016, London (UK)
Panelist - Future of Wearables, GeekGirl Meetup 2016 Conference, October 2016, London (UK)
Speaker - Exploring the intersection of Fashion & Technology to enhance User Experiences, Wearables London, July 2016, London (UK)
Panelist - Trends that will dominate tech startup world, Frank Ventures Accelerator, March 2015, Osijek (Croatia)

Past events